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World Cup Qualifying Roundup - Johnson Assist, Martinez Brace & Assist, Johansson Watches Miracle

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Seattle Sounders players partook in history in today's round of World Cup Qualifying matches.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

While the national focus is on the United States advancing to the Hex behind the strength of Clint Dempsey, Graham Zusi and of course Seattle's own Grown Assist Man - Eddie Johnson. Johnson would go 89 minutes and earn an assist from his hybrid winger/forward role. Though he also played up top late in the match.

Johnson was not the only Sounder to play well. Mario Martinez would go 90 minutes in Honduras crushing of Canada. Martinez would score two goals and earn an assist in the 8-1 pounding of Wil Johnson's Canada. But that was not the biggest OMG moment of the day. That would be the match Adam Johansson sat and watched while in the 18. His Swedish mates came back from a 4-nil deficit to earn a 4-4 draw.

In light of the upcoming match between Seattle and Salt Lake, it is important to note that neither Rimando nor Beckerman played for the USA and are flying here to Seattle via a charter (they are joined by the GAM). Saborio will not be making it to the Puget Sound. He and the Ticos of Costa Rica are up 7-nil on Guyana at the time of writing. Saborio has two goals.