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Nos Audietis, Episode 71: It's all about Cascadia

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Former Sounders defender Taylor Graham joins us on this week's show to help us preview the upcoming game against the Portland Timbers.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Not entirely sure if the schedule-makers planned it this way, but this is a very Cascadia-centric period for the Seattle Sounders. To help us make sense of it all, we brought on former Sounders defender Taylor Graham (@TaylorGraham26), who experienced this rivalry from numerous angles. He was a player on the USL and MLS teams and now is seeing it as a part of the business staff.

Before we get to him, though, we discuss last week's scoreless draw with the Vancouver Whitecaps. Aaron was much more discouraged by the performance than I was, but he makes some very good points about the Sounders' propensity for pumping the ball into the box via cross. He also points out a troubling trend in games where that is a primary mode of attack. I focused a little more on the fact that the Sounders defense had its best performance in several weeks.

We of course end the show by taking your questions. If you'd like to have your questions answered, follow us on Twitter (@NosAudietis).

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Intro: Perry Como - 'Seattle'

1st Break: Medeski Martin & Wood - 'Nostalgia in Times Square'

2nd Break: The Black Angels - 'Young Men Dead'

Outro: Arcade Fire - 'Wake Up'