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Hahnemann To Start Against Marathon

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He's once and always a Sounder. Now in CONCACAF Champions League he will get his first and 66th start for the Seattle Sounders. Math is fun, so is history.

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Today at after practice Sigi Schmid confirmed that Marcus Hahnemann would start against Marathon of Honduras in CONCACAF Champions League action. It is a move that was expected and will result in the fourth different keeper to start for the Sounders in competitive 2012 play. It will also mean that Hahnemann earns his first start with the Seattle Sounders FC of MLS, but not his first with the Seattle Sounders.

Hahnemann may tell that story the best. After practice he relayed a conversation he had with Alan Hinton.

"Alan Hinton came up to me and said, 'Oh, you're going to make your debut, maybe! What do you think?' And I go, 'It's not my debut. I've already played for the Sounders.' I go, 'You should know that!' I've played a couple games before..."

He did. And quite well. In his first cycle with the Seattle Sounders (back in the A-League and APSL) he was just the best keeper in the league and helped the team to two championships (95,96) and a regular season best record (94). But in America there is not promotion/relegation, so the history is shared and not shared.

An aside - those links are to Seattle Pitch and there is no better site for the A-League/USL history of the Sounders.

Due to the oddities of CONCACAF the Seattle Sounders were a representative in the 1996 CONCACAF Champions' Cup. Those matches were split between 96 and 97, with the Sounders only playing in 1997. Hahnemann had left by then. So Wednesday night will be his first competitive club match in CONCACAF (he also had some appearances with the national team because he's been kind of good).

That's a lot of paragraphs to say that Marcus Hahnemann is a Sounder who will be playing both his first and 66th match with the team at the same time. American soccer is an odd beast, but we have history and legends. Let's embrace them, not ignore them.

Happy 66th Marcus. Thanks for coming back.