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Sounders Pound Marathon 3-1 Behind Goals By Ochoa, Zakuani & Estrada

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With the win Seattle will be the third seed in the Championship Round of the 2012-13 CONCACAF Champions League.

In a game that had long periods of patient play by both sides, it was the Seattle Sounders that burst through several times. The goals scored by Seattle came through clever passes from multiple angles. Sammy Ochoa opened scoring in the 23rd minute. His fourth of the current CCL cycle again proves that he is a non-league All-Star.

His goal was opened up by the play of Mike Seamon (again at right back) and Mario Martinez. The two right sided players used a clever interchange to spring Martinez into the corner. His cross was dummied on the near post by Estrada and finished by Ochoa.

Only four minutes later Steve Zakuani would put forward a classic Zakuani sequence. Sprung on a long through ball by Jeff Parke, Steve would use a stepover to free himself space in the box, a cross over to break ankles on the defender and a well placed shot for goal two.

CD Marathon did not threaten often. Many of their attempts were from well outside of the area and only forced four saves by Marcus Hahnemann. Hahnemann likely has the longest stretch for back-to-back wins by a keeper for the same team, as his last start with the Sounders, a win, was in the 1996 A-League Championship. Tonight he would not shut out Marathon. They sprung an attack along his left post where he and Parke shut off a near post shot, but the ball put across the net went right to Mitchell Brown's feet. Brown would knock it home.

Seattle's third goal would be by David Estrada. His 2012 goals may be defined by opportunism and this was more of the same, but under pressure he again capitalized. His shot was calm and placed.

Sigi Schmid managed to use a nearly least experienced team possible and increased his CCL record with the Sounders to 11-9-2 -1 GD. The weakened lineup showed the potential of Mario Martinez, who factored into the third goal, though without the assist. His service on corners was well placed, creating several threats. Martinez was in a semi-free role similar to most of his time with Honduras and was the most active player for the Sounders.

Overall the team must be satisfied with the results. Despite the lack of familiarity they created 11 chances, scoring three goals and earned the win to end the CCL Group Stage perfect. The Sounders advance to the knockout rounds and are certain of the third seed, but who they will face will come down to the results from Thursday's matches.