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Sounders at LA Galaxy - Referee, Injuries, Statistics

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Sunday night on ESPN at 6 PM the only team that from 2009 to the present is better than the Seattle Sounders host the Rave Green. This year though, the LA Galaxy are not a quality side. Here's the data behind the matchup.

Beckham should be in the 18, but how much will he play
Beckham should be in the 18, but how much will he play
Victor Decolongon

When people hear "LA Galaxy" they think of a certain deadball specialist and the threats that David Beckham can create in open play crosses. The numbers don't back that in 2012. They are primarily a run-of-play team now and quite effective on the counter. He is also currently somewhat injured. Both Beckham and Donovan are expected to play, but basically certain to not go 90.

Kevin Stott will be working the match with the whistle. No player is under threat of Accumulation, but a Red would carry over into the MLS Cup Playoffs. About those Playoffs - a win would put Seattle at 2nd in the West and 3rd overall. A draw also takes second in the West, but a mere 5th overall unless they tie at 6-6. A loss would be 3rd in the West and 7th in the League.


Referee: Kevin Stott - MLS Career: 231 games; FC/gm: 25.5; Y/gm: 3.3; R: 59; pens: 48
AR1 (bench): Craig Lowry; AR2 (opposite): Frank Anderson; 4th: Daniel Radford

Fined Next Yellow: LA: A.J. DeLaGarza SEA: Fredy Montero, Zach Scott, Christian Tiffert

Note: Only Red Cards will carry into the MLS Cup Playoffs


SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC -- OUT: FW Sodade (R knee ACL tear); DF Duran (L ACL surgery); DOUBTFUL: DF Gonzalez (R hamstring strain); DF Ianni (R calf strain); QUESTIONABLE: MF Rose (L adductor strain)

LA GALAXY -- OUT: DF DeLaGarza (L knee sprain); DF (R knee inflammation); DF Lopes (L facial fracture); MF Nakazawa (back spasms); QUESTIONABLE: MF Beckham (L ankle soreness); MF Donovan (L knee bone bruise)

Note: Beckham and Donovan are expected to play, but how many minutes is a question.


Team Shots +/- Run of Play Dead Ball Net Strike Rate Net On Frame Final 30
Seattle 0.5 12 2 4.2% 3.3% 11
Galaxy 1.2 13 0 1.4% 5.1% 10