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Sounders Centric Power Rankings - Third Best Up For Grabs

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The graph shows just how close things are in the West, but the overall SBN MLS Power Rankings show the same for the East and the League.

The Seattle Sounders continue to fall in the SBN MLS Power Rankings. A poor stretch of results will do that as rankers are forced to reevaluate the level of talent they thought the team had. Local rankers actually were as harsh as the overall ranking Seattle twice at 4th and twice at 6th - matching the SBN average. While San Jose and Kansas City are now locked in their top two spots quite firmly the contest for third is wide open with five teams (3 West, 2 East) separated by less than a point on average. The differences between the Fire, RSL, Sounders, Red Bull and Galaxy are minute. Any team could get hot and go on a run as all have at various points on the year. All are also flawed in some fashion.

At the bottom of the table the Portland Timbers are improving. At this rate they might just finish outside of the bottom five in the league. Thereby hurting their chances at getting better under Caleb Porter. In draft systems it is difficult to advance while mediocre. If Portland is "lucky" they will make it up to mediocrity. If the Vancouver Whitecaps get lucky they will make the MLS Cup Playoffs. If not they are purely a mediocre side. The expectation amongst those that rank is that Canada's Western team will just miss out on the second season.

Playoffs by Power Ranking
Red Bulls

My Rankings

  1. Quakes - There is no doubt that they are the favorites for the Shield and Cup.
  2. Sporks - Also little doubt that they would pick up any slack that San Jose has. If these are correct the next two best US MLS teams by regular season record would make the 13/14 CCL.
  3. Red Bulls - Questionable "reassignment" of their GM aside the on-pitch performance is quality.
  4. Fire - Their biggest weakness is still at keeper, but they have enough to make a push for the Cup.
  5. Dynamo - Veteran laden team that survived losing its best player to Stoke City.
  6. Sounders - Talent abounds, performance does not.
  7. RSL - Crushing the Goats should be expected, even if Olave does not play
  8. Galaxy - Their backline when healthy is amazing. It's also rarely healthy.
  9. Crew - Midseason overhaul continues to earn results.
  10. Toros - Their best seven players are as good as any teams' best seven. A solid lesson in health being such a difference in MLS.
  11. United - Hopes rest on a RoY candidate (DeLeon) and a Comeback PoY candidate (Pontius).
  12. Impact - If MLS was a skills competition Bernier would power the Impact to a top five performance.
  13. Whitecaps - A broken offense with a broken best player.
  14. Hackworths - Last loss when Adu started was August 4th. They have three other losses since then.
  15. Revs - So many exciting ball control midfielders, so little anything else.
  16. Rapids - Drawing against good teams as they take steps towards youth movement.
  17. Goats - Most talented bad team in the league?
  18. Timbers - Quit blaming the referees and try actually being good.
  19. Mariners - Hey, that's funny enough.