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Analyzing Secondary Ticket Market For Timbers at Sounders

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While there are still scattered singles and rare doubles available through the team, also some groups may have larger quantities available, there are some lessons from the secondary market.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

First, let's just get this out of the way. We have a partnership with TiqIQ that goes back about 18 months. Their service is kind of like but for sports tickets. They assess most, but not all of the online ticket market and show average prices at various seat locations and even whether prices are falling or rising. Essentially you can shop the secondary market with better intel.

They also have the data to help a site like ours analyze various games. Now with 66,000+ tickets already sold one can compare the price on the secondary market for this game and let's say the last Sounders match down in Portland. With the Timbers tiny Glass House their prices are higher. One of the positives of opening the entire stadium for this Cascadia Cup clash is that it drives down prices, both through official channels and through the after-market.

Here's some data from TiqIQ's sales page for Sunday's game

  • there aren't a lot of tickets available
  • there are currently zero in GA available
  • tickets in my section (214) are barely above face value

And from the following graphic, while there is a higher average price for this match compared to other Sounders matches it is cheaper by 32$ than the game down in Portland where all those authentic soccer fans are.