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48 seconds. (Animated)

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Roger Levesque will be remembered for many reasons, but if you mention "48 Seconds" most all Sounders' supporters know what you are referring to.

Elsa - Getty Images

Former Seattle Sounders FC player and legend Roger Levesque had many big moments during his time with the club, but many might point to this as one that they will always remember. In the third round of the 2009 US Open Cup Seattle matched up against the Portland Timbers at PGE Park, where 48 seconds after the first half kick Levesque put a diving header into the Timbers goal for an early 1-0 lead. What followed was the now infamous "chopped down tree" goal celebration which may have taken a longer than it took to score the goal. The Sounders would go on to win 2-1 and move on to ultimately win the Open Cup trophy.

As Roger is being honored with a Golden Scarf before Sunday's derby match, it was only fitting that we once more revisit the most famous 48 seconds we may ever remember.