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You are a Sounder; Let them hear you

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You are a Sounder. Let them hear you.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

You are a Sounder.

You are dressed all in Rave Green, Sounder Blue, Cascade Shale, Electricity Yellow, Keller Yellow, Seattle Sunshine White, or Super Cyan. Your heart is in the city with the bluest skies and the greenest green. Many of you are seldom sober. You are Sounders til you die; you are a Sounder at heart.

You are a Sounder. You are not a hippie, a hipster, a customer, a bureaucrat, a casual fan, a clueless fan, or a fan who'd rather sit and scream GO SOUNDERS GO than support the way everyone else is. You are a Sounder. You stand (if you can) and chant and yell and scream. You support and celebrate your team first, not your own unique uniqueness.

You are a Sounder. You sell out stadiums. You sell them out for Manchester United; you sell them out for your Women; you sell them out for some team from the south with an oversized little brother complex. You set attendance records with regularity, and it is little surprise when you do. You show up when your team needs you the most.

You are a Sounder. You can claim gold medalists as your own. You can claim men's national team players as your own. You can be proud of what your team does on and off the pitch.

You are a Sounder. You win trophies. You know your history.

You are a Sounder. You own yachts, you invent internets, you stuff internet ballot boxes. But most of all, you create a "sterile" environment. STERILE: Def. (adj) "Free from infective organisms: free from living bacteria and other microorganisms." Antonyms: dirty. You take from your opponents everything, and leave nothing on the field. You destroy the infective invaders, leaving no signs of them behind. You keep a clean sheet while the rest of your immune system gives the opposition's net a thorough cleansing. You will bathe them in a thunderous storm of your noise while they fruitlessly cry to be heard. You will silence them, yet they will hear you.

You are a Sounder. Now go out there and let them hear you.

Nos Audietis.