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Sounders Thump Timbers, Gain Edge In Playoff Race, Remind World That They're Actually Pretty Good

The Seattle Sounders got the win they desperately needed against the Portland Timbers, and after securing the win continued to beat their rivals into submission. There was only one team on the pitch anywhere near deserving of a win, and if this evening's performance is indicative of the Sounders' current form, the playoffs may well hold some intrigue just yet.

Nothing was in doubt from the moment the Sounders got onto the board, and the three points earned tonight put Seattle ahead of the LA Galaxy (with a game in hand) and just two points behind Real Salt Lake (with a game in hand on the second place side as well.) Perhaps more importantly, Seattle showed the ability to fully dominate a lesser side from beginning to end, which bodes well with the playoffs right around the corner.

If nothing else, Seattle has something off of which to build heading into the playoffs. At no point did it appear as though the Timbers belonged on the same pitch as the Sounders; if Seattle can transfer that kind of swagger and dominance to the postseason, special things may happen. In any case, it was the clearest signal that has been sent by the Sounders to this point; Seattle rules Cascadia, and it's going to take a whole lot to alter that reality.