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Roger Levesque - Hype Man

Those in the stadium don't look to speakers or scoreboards for hype. Usually their very neighbors are enough, on occasion the Brougham End serves as inspiration. Last night it was Roger Levesque.

Jane G Photography

Roger Levesque claims that he wasn't very good at the hype game. He seems to think he struggled to get the words out correctly, that or he is the humble jokester.

"I think I actually screwed up absolutely everything during the scarf ceremony," Levesque told media yesterday during the game. "I stepped on the podium when I wasn't supposed to. I didn't know when I was supposed to turn either, but I gathered myself and had a really good time with the announcements and the starting eleven."

In the stands you didn't notice that. Instead you noticed the pure joy of a man who is as much a Sounder (not the team, but the original meaning of someone from the region) as anyone you've ever met. He lives and breathes Seattle. He is not a Michael Buffer to be rented for any and every major event. Levesque is pure Seattle.

"Just seeing the whole thing unfold from where my involvement started back in 2003 is pretty awesome. It just brings a smile to my face to see what it has turned into. It is absolutely awesome for the game of soccer, the city of Seattle, and the country."

You read those words from him and you see the smile and joy that he shared while he danced and shouted the player names. The Golden Scarf has been far from a perfect device. It has honored great players, coaches and leaders in the game of soccer and also some people who don't have a lot to do with the game.

Sunday night's choice was perfect. It may never be that good again.

But I know that when the next must-win MLS Cup Playoff game comes to CenturyLink Field, there is only one person who should be the Seattle Sounders hype man - Laaaaaa - vek. Prides oozes from him. Joy is a core ingredient to his very being. The reason he is Portland's enemy number is not because of the goals and assists, but because he IS Seattle.

He is a man whose pull and passion is so strong that opposing players congratulate him on the night. As Mike Fucito did. OK, maybe that's different because they are close friends. Levesque talked about Fucito coming over to greet him during the ceremony and in doing so even hyped Sounder at Heart. The claim is that it wasn't planned, you decide.

"We had spoken since he has been up in town, but that is one of the things about the Sounders, it is a family, no matter what side of the ball you are on. I think Mike [Fucito] will always be a Sounder in my heart, and in the heart of a lot of Sounders fans."

emphasis added

I just hope Roger doesn't have plans for December First.

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