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Sounders Centric Power Rankings: Beating Portland More Than Cascadia Cup

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How much is a home win over the Portland Timbers count in the collective mind of the SB Nation Power Rankers? Actually quite a bit.

After beating the Portland Timbers the Seattle Sounders FC move to a solo place in third with their 4th largest single week bump in the SB Nation MLS Power Rankings. With a game in hand and the remaining schedule designed to feature Conference matchups in the final three weeks Seattle is capable of matching that expectations. Particularly as Salt Lake and LA both on the schedule and considered "less powerful" than the Sounders. Local rankers have Seattle lower than typical with the three that ranked this week having them 4,5 and 6. It's as if the locals don't think beating Portland means that much.

Real Salt Lake did get a bump, in fact for the first time in ages the West has four teams in the top seven. The break between tier two and three will probably be right at the star studded Galaxy and Red Bull squads. LA and NYC top out at third, while RSL, Seattle, Chicago and KC all get votes for as high as second. The Earthquakes are again in unanimous first and will be until and maybe through the Playoffs.

Oddly enough other teams did worse than Portland as the Timbers average ranking after another road pummeling was stable. Paulson's club went from average of 16.64 to 16.67. They should lose three-nil more often. It seems that isn't as bad as the performances of Chivas USA and Toronto FC. As the Whitecaps and FC Dallas battle for the final Western Conference playoff spot the rankers have the Vancouver Whitecaps passing Dallas after the weekend. Still, many voters prefer the East to Vancouver with six Eastern teams higher than the Whitecaps.

Playoffs by Power Ranking
West East
Quakes Sporks
Sounders Fire
RSL Red Bulls
Galaxy Dynamo
Whitecaps United

My Rankings

  1. Earthquakes - When your third best forward gets a USMNT call and the MVP stays home you probably have a deep offense.
  2. Sporks - Remember when they lost Bunbury and people thought they'd fall off the map? I don't either, never claimed it!!!!! uh, yeah...
  3. Fire - Happy Anniversary. Lose now please.
  4. RSL - Beating LA means a lot more than beating a team from Oregon.
  5. Sounders - Temper expectations, not many teams will help you score on them.
  6. Dynamo - Great team against other good teams, probably best suited for Playoff success.
  7. Red Bull - In a season where they are on the MLS Cup bubble they are reinventing their front office and already looking for a new coach, because 15-9-8 sucks?
  8. Galaxy - Defense without AJ is poor. This is not a surprise.
  9. United - They are already selling Playoff tickets. They have not locked a Playoff spot.
  10. Crew - If they were in the West they'd be competing for the #2 spot. They're in the East and just hoping to make the short season.
  11. Whitecaps - Just beat Portland and everything will be OK. It actually won't, but still beat Portland.
  12. Toros - Still alive, barely. They no longer control their own destiny.
  13. Union - They've won three of their last four and are ruining their draft position.
  14. Impact - Imagine if they'd been decent in their first two months rather than getting a mere 8 points in 9 played.
  15. Revs - It's season ticket renewal time, hey look at that maybe/possible stadium thing.
  16. Goats - Their last win was July 29th, against Portland.
  17. Rapids - Helped lock up Wondo's MVP. Wondo plays for the other team.
  18. Generic SPF - There's soft and then there's that defense.
  19. MLSE - It's not the coach. It's never been the coach.