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Nos Audietis, Episode 72: No Pity for Rose City

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Seattle Times Sounders beat writer Joshua Mayers joins us on the show to discuss the Sounders big win over the Timbers. We also discuss the GM vote with Alliance Council President Paul Cox.

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Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

The air smells fresher. The sky looks cleaner. There's an extra bounce in our step. The Seattle Sounders took care of business with a 3-0 thrashing of the Portland Timbers. Sure, the Cascadia Cup may ultimately be lost, but at least it won't be handed off in front of a large group of our fans and it will force the Timbers to actually win a road game.

We welcome Josh Mayers (@JoshuaMayers) to the show to help supplement a very sick Aaron Campeau (@AaronCampeau) in discussing this game. Outside of the Cascadia Cup, there were plenty of other implications, not the least of which was the Sounders finally putting a solid performance together, even if it was against a very bad team.
There were, of course, 66,452 people there, too. That was the second-largest standalone crowd in MLS history and the largest since the season's inaugural weekend.

We also welcomed Alliance Council President Paul Cox (@blueeyedbuddha) to discuss the now active GM vote. He also drops some knowledge about what, exactly, the Alliance Council does.

Of course, no show would be complete without your questions. If you'd like to get them answered, follow us on Twitter (@nosaudietis).

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Intro: Perry Como - 'Seattle'
First Break: Talking Heads - 'Life During Wartime'
Second Break: Jukebox the Ghost - 'Schizophrenia'
Outro: Woody Guthrie - 'Roll on Columbia'