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Major Link Soccer: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww Edition

The Sounders took a big fall last weekend, and it will take a monumental effort to get them back up on their feet. There's one W for every time I slapped my forehead on Sunday.

Stephen Dunn

So, yeah. Our boys have a mountain to climb. There's not much to say about it. Our forwards need to ignore their last few months of intellectualism, our defenders need to erase the previous week from their memory backs, and our midfielders need to make a handful of nice, threatening forward passes. And even if all these things happen, it may not be enough. Even with eleven career days, Seattle's season may end this Sunday. I am hopeful, yet not expectant. We all know the obstacle that awaits this club. The history isn't in their favor. It will take a true miracle, when the 2012 Sounders to this point have simply been steadily good.

Luckily, this leg is in front of the Seattle faithful, who have already bought up more than 40,000 tickets. It should get loud, and whether or not they think it will be a problem, the Galaxy are going to have something else to think about. It certainly seemed to have an effect the last time the two teams played in the CLink. And expect a whiny trio of visiting DPs to complain about the wet, slick artificial surface.

If things do come down to PKs, it isn't far-fetched to think that the home team will pull it out, according to this study.

It's probably too late to get them shipped in time for the Conference Final game, but anyone want a shirt?

If Leo Gonzalez isn't ready to go Sunday, the loss of Marc Burch to pure idiocy will sting particularly bad in the memory of this series, win or lose. It is possible, and frequently easy, to defend a player for your team when they screw up. This isn't one of those cases.

Seattle treasures, The Presidents of the USA will be part of the festivities Sunday. Hopefully they will play "Supersonics", because if they go with their most popular song, I will surely be singing "Gump" instead of "Lump".

Did you know a Sounders goalkeeper is now married to Jerramy Stevens? No, Michael Gspurning isn't a polygamist. Neither is Marcus Hahnemann, and while I may not be sure of the marital status of Josh Ford or Bryan Meredith, I do know they are not now wed to a former Husky and Seahawk American Football Tight End. No, that would be Hope Solo, who still got hitched to the known troublemaker even after a domestic dispute allegedly started by Stevens on the eve of their wedding. Supposedly the issue stemmed from an argument about where the two would live after the wedding, the choices being Washington and Florida (I think we can all successfully guess whom wanted what).

At least Seattle's position is preferable to that of the Earthquakes, almost without debate the best team in MLS this season. The season that fails to matter once the playoffs start. Could someone remind me how many supporter's shield winners over the history of MLS have gone on to win the cup? Anything less than 80% is sick. What was the difference for that team in 2012? Arguably a better defense.

We aren't the only ones in a rough spot. Houston took care of United at home, and only need to hold their two goal leadin the nation's capital to go to their second straight final. If anyone can beat the Galaxy, it might be them.

Even in the playoffs, a scout's work is never done. Kurt Schmid could be watching the Sounders train all day, but instead he is keeping an eye on the college ranks, figuring out who may have the goods to make it in the big leagues.

Many in MLS are super tired of David Beckham, yet the guy still single-handedly raises the profile of the league by several years worth of unused Beckham Cologne bottles. Because that is a commonly used standard of measurement. Looks like we will all have to deal with him for at least another year.

Speaking of "primadonna" Designated Players, it sounds like Mr. Henry is causing problems in New York, and their problems may not be fixable with him on the roster.

Things seem to be afoot for Chivas USA. What those things will be and what effect they will have are yet to be seen.

A Cascadian SB Nation sister site is losing its biggest contributor, as Benjamin Massey moves on to other things. The move shows an abnormal connection with the team's former Director of Soccer Operations Tom Soehn.

On the other end of the region, Stumptown Footy examines the John Spencer saga. Even with a certain cup under their belts, 2012 is considered a "rough" season for Portland.

Do not miss this excellent article about German soccer in the waning days of the third reich.

At the beginning I said I was hopeful, but not expectant. It is with that in mind that I submit this for approval. If this does indeed end in disappointment, I will at the very least have this song running through my head, and there's a decent chance I'll be singing it if my voice has survived so long. I welcome all to join me. You're also welcome to sing it for Mr Massey. Whichever. Let's go Sounders.

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