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Major Link Soccer: Beckham vs the Sirens

Catch up on news around that last match, a star leaving, a hated man retiring, naming of teams and more.


We're on a delayed schedule this week, so apologies to anyone freaking out over the last twelve hours due to an absence of links posts. It's okay, I don't like broken routines either.

Certainly few of us are interested in revisiting last Sunday's "event", the weather at which may have played an indirect role in the late post today. But ProSoccerTalk did take a good hard look at the game, and gives Seattle fans a few things to think about going into the offseason (opinions on referee decisions notwithstanding, because grrrrr hisss boooo).

Of course the darling of MLS has taken the occasion to announce his impending retirement. Yes, David Beckham has said "ENOUGH" of LA, and likely of MLS. Sir Becks will still continue to be involved with the team, but early straw poll results have him continuing his career in Australia, with France trailing among the elderly and Australians. On the bright(er) side, this means that Sunday is likely the last time any of us will see the guy in perfect. You win some, you send some overseas. Still, there's no doubt that Beckham had a lasting impact on the future of this league, some positive (league's name mentioned on Sportscenter, a feat that may or may not have been accomplished since) and others negative (every smart-mouth eurosnob talking trash about how MLS is only fit for geriatrics). Don't worry though, The Galaxy wouldn't leave themselves without a full stock of detestable DPs.

More good news; it looks like Houston might be healthy this year after playing the 2011 final without star Brad Davis. In 2012, the whole club appears to be ready to go. Their opponents in the Eastern Conference Finals are wondering if home field advantage may not be that in the playoffs.

Also leaving MLS is Daniel Hernandez, a player who lives in Sounders infamy. He isn't finding himself courted by Saint Germain, however. He's done for realzies.

Beckham's dramatic reveal overshadowed what should have been a much bigger deal, that being the start of yet another a new professional women's soccer league in the United States. So new, that they haven't even named the league yet! The topic has already been covered on this site, but a few opinions are out and about, concerning everything from Seattle's ownership to the cities selected and the feasibility of this iteration. Bill Predmore is suddenly a very popular person.

After much teeth-gnashing, I am accepting the rumored "Sirens FC" name (though rights be damned, Emerald City FC would have been such a great name). However, I hope the team behind the team thinks long and hard about the colors this squad will be wearing. Seattle kind of has a color scheme figured out, and going with some combination of reds and yellows would at least feel weird, and at most feel alienating. Those colors can be saved for the California tea... oh wait, they didn't get one. Neither does Vancouver, which is beyond me.

An executive in the New York Red Bulls is saying what the rest of us have been saying for years now; New York 2 is not necessarily the best place for the league to expand next. And while he may have more reason than others to be hesitant to allow more competition into that market, his points are clear.

It isn't every day that someone offers improvements for MLS originating from Japan, but this one does. Anyone have a J-League favorite? I've somewhat followed Sendai since the tsunami (a great story there) but I've got to think there are other worthy clubs.

Thanksgiving was a few days ago, but I'm thankful for the nice big stadium Seattle plays in. Livestrong Sporting Park, considered by some to be the jewel of MLS, is already the subject of expansion talks less than two years after completion.

The one good thing about the offseason is that it gives "writers" like "me" a chance to look at some topics that don't really have a place during the run of games. So you might see me putting finger to letters more often outside of the links, at least until spring training rolls along. Or you might not. Bloggers have a reputation for flakiness and unreliability in the authoritorial (sic) kingdom. Inventing words is fun.

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