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There Will Be No Viewing Party - This Is A Test

How many of our viewing parties have you attended? Particularly now that they've gotten fairly big (like in the hundreds), the Sounders don't have a history of great performances (small sample size of two matches) so we're not doing one.

Santos Laguna Away - Great party, but...
Santos Laguna Away - Great party, but...

When the Sounders travel to Sandy, Utah in an attempt to win their first ever MLS Cup Playoff series they will do so in front of hundreds of traveling fans and supporters. The Seattle Sounders will also do it in front of tens of thousands of eyeballs.

They will be doing it in front of Sounder at Heart readers' eyeballs too, but not in a large group... I mean really. Do you remember Santos away? Great party, poor result. How 'bout the double party of the US Open Cup Final? Two multi-hundred viewer events. Again great parties, poor result.

So we'll do something different. The various authors will be channeling superstition and not having a single or double event. Some will be at home, others at local bars and others will go to friends houses. There will be a gamethread of course.

But at this point we're just a little suspicious and willing to take the blame for past failures.

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