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Power of Tanzania

Since July, Seattle teams have done extraordinarily well at CenturyLink Field. Many have taken to calling this the Power of Tanzania. That Power may be key to a Seattle Sounders road playoff victory.


Are you schooled in the Power of Tanzania? Surely you have seen the ads on the walls at the north end of CenturyLink Field? The ones like in the picture above? Well, let me remind you: Seattle teams have gone a combined 17-3-2 at CenturyLink since the Tanzania ads were installed.

The Seahawks are undefeated, including two preseason victories and crazy last-minute comebacks against Green Bay and New England. UW has defeated two top 10 teams in the stadium, with fans rushing the field both times, and only lost once, to USC (currently #19). And the Sounders themselves have gone 7-2-2, with losses to the San Jose Earthquakes and Chelsea, and two 0-0 ties to Real Salt Lake.

This is a fantastic home record. Crazy things happen there. The 12th Man is a real factor for all three Seattle teams, but the Power of Tanzania seems to be nearly as real. Almost magical, or mystical.

It is a land of famous mountains; a Great, wide, beautiful lake; and wonderful people. It has great rivers and wonderful wildlife. People come from all over the world to visit. It has fantastic outdoors activities: mountain climbing and hiking, fishing, hunting (where legal). There are some cultural oddities, but it is generally a beautiful and welcoming place.

I am talking, of course, about Utah and Salt Lake City. Or maybe about Tanzania and Dar es Salaam. The two regions share many similarities: a main urban region of just over 2 million residents, a great lake, gorgeous, picturesque mountains, etc. In a way, Seattle is heading home to SLC.

But really, the Power of Tanzania is a state of mind. Just as Community is returning on October 19th, and the Looney Tunes once used Michael Jordan's "secret stuff" to beat the Monstarrs, the Sounders, and their supporters, will use the Power of Tanzania to fuel an epic playoff road victory. Is it a bit irrational? Absolutely not. The Sounders should use every advantage available.

So get pumped Sounders Nation. Pray to the Gods of Kilimanjaro, the Priestesses of Lake Victoria, the Monks of the Serengeti, the Prophets of Zanzibar, the Acolyte of Ngorogoro. Let your chants and cheers, your boo's and curses, your songs and your cries echo from the depths of Puget Sound to the bottom of Niicóo'ówu'. Use the Power of Attraction, bust out a Ouija board, consult your Magic 8-Ball, call up Miss Cleo. Run those simulations, crunch that data, and pour over all the heatmaps, searching for a route to victory. Do what you have to, what you need to, to channel the Power of Tanzania.

It is a state of mind. It is a state of mind that can, and will, propel our men to victory. The Power of Tanzania is within you. You are the Power of Tanzania. Find it. Use it. And earn us that next playoff series that we so very deserve.

Nos Audietis // You will hear us

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