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Marc Burch issues apology for his use of gay slur

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Sounders defender Marc Burch has released a statement apologizing for 'something that is inconsistent with his family values'


Taking full responsibility for his actions, Marc Burch has issued a statement apologizing for his use of a gay slur during the Seattle Sounders' win over Real Salt Lake on Thursday. The incident happened late in the match, apparently after he felt a RSL player had gone to ground too easily inside the penalty area.

Although there was no audio of the incident, TV cameras caught him mouthing what appeared to be a gay slur. He made no attempt to hide behind that in releasing this statement:

"I apologize for my horrific choice of words last night during our match. This is something that is inconsistent with my family values and because of that I am both disappointed and embarrassed by my level of poor judgment. I take seriously my role as a leader in the community and this is completely regrettable and unacceptable. Character matters and I hope through hard work on and off the field to begin earning your respect and trust again."

Earlier this year, Colin Clark was fined an undisclosed amount and given a three-game suspension for using similar language directed at a ballboy. It's unclear what, if any, punishment Burch will receive as the Sounders get ready to play the LA Galaxy in the Western Conference finals on Sunday.