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MLS Cup Final Galaxy v Dynamo - Open Thread

Kind of sucks to watch a championship that doesn't feature you're own team, but there are quality players on both sides.

The Goodbye David Beckham Show starts at 1:30PM
The Goodbye David Beckham Show starts at 1:30PM
Harry How

Unlike last year's contest, the Houston Dynamo are healthy. There is also the little David Beckham going away party thing that the LA Galaxy are trying to do. For these reasons ESPN is probably rather excited to have the match at 1:30 PM.

Houston will be powered by Will Bruin, Boniek Garcia, Brad Davis and several former Sounders. LA has Pat Noonan and some famous dudes.

Where the Galaxy are first a bunker/counter side, their secondary tactic is set-play success. Houston is the opposite as they use set-pieces first and counters second. Galaxy are a bit faster on their counter, where the Dynamo are taller.

Both sides use different paths to success and if Houston wins they probably enter into the RSL/Seattle tier of success in the league due to their successes in the Playoffs. They did have a pretty poor 2010. If LA wins they enter the realm of the original DC United and Chicago Fire.

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