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Major Link Soccer: Business Meeting Tidbits, Fluid Roster Situations

A review of Thursday night's festivities, and other assorted news.

Your 2012 central defenders
Your 2012 central defenders

In case you missed it, Adrian Hanauer was retained as GM of the Seattle Sounders Football Club. It wasn't even close. Other notes:

  • The Sounders fanbase sits just outside the top 25 in worldwide average attendance. If you put all the clubs into a single league, and promoted and relegated based on attendance, the Sounders would be in competition for the Premier league, or La Liga, or whichever. At least, that is one way to explain it. Roth's stated goals were to win MLS cup and get the attendance into the top ten, which today would be around 54,000.
  • The Season Ticket scarf for 2013 has been revealed, and while it isn't the one I would have picked, I can't complain too much. After all, I only have ten scarves already. The winner is number one. Better news is the proclamation that the infrastructure should be in place for fan-designed scarves in 2014.
  • Roth could be looking at another bill from MLS due to his comments on the referees. As usual, the newly retained Hanauer was more diplomatic, talking about the process he and others in the league are going through to try to increase the quality of the officials. It isn't an overnight process, but in the coming years he does expect an evident improvement.
  • The important offseason dates were revealed, including what appeared to be the first date of the regular season. There was a listing for MLS First Kick in Seattle on March 2.
  • The Sounders are still working on 2014 jersey sponsors. The kit will likely be revealed by or at the MLS Superdraft a month from today.
Almost immediately afterwards, the Sounders announced that defenders Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Patrick Ianni had been re-signed. They will continue on without Jeff Parke, who sounds overjoyed to be back in his native Philly.

Black and Red United takes a look at the idea of rebranding after getting a bit of a push from a certain Sounder at Heart contributor. I'm not linking to this article because my comment spawned the idea, but it was definitely a factor. Narcissistic much?

The Sounders, as a team, may already do this, but I'd like to see them set a goal of going undefeated at home. It is a difficult task, but it has been really cool seeing Houston and Salt Lake do it in recent years, and now the Dynamo in the first year at their new digs. Seattle gets closer each year.

Portland has named their Women's Soccer team, and it looks like Seattle might be the last one without a clear title. Safe to assume a name should be coming soon.

Elsewhere in Cascadia, the Whitecaps are keeping veteran defender Young-Pyo Lee.

Atlanta seems to be back in the game for MLS expansion, as Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has found funding for a new 1 billion dollar multi-purpose stadium, with the stated goal of hosting the MLS and US National Teams.

Adrian Hanauer is celebrating the survival of his job with a trip to Vegas. That probably sounds worse than it is, and he may very well do some gambling (he has earned it). But he is truly there to work, as the Sounders Combine kicks off. Some of those players will be recently out of the college soccer system.

According to a study, MLS has unusually strong brand loyalty. Be warned; the article is behind a trial wall.

It seems that a single coin has sparked another dark age for England. Two rowdy fans in the UK's premier rivalry is the beginning of the end for science and the collapse of Rome. That last part might still happen.

In the age of the salary cap, players that don't count against the spending limit are like printed, athletic money. So it is important to keep an eye on the Generation Adidas players for 2013.

More on the scouting world, not from the Schmid family unfortunately. At least, as far as we know...

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