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Player Profile: Mike Seamon

Our next stop on the 2012 Player Profile circuit is Mike Seamon. GTL Mike, Once and Always a Sounder.

Sometimes injuries and luck help a player get time (Meredith), in others that prevent the player from reaching his potential. For Seamon he fell into the second group. But this year he showed a bit of what he can be, which is just a bit Evans-esque.

Name: Mike Seamon SaH Nickname: GTL National Affiliation: United States
Age: 24 Years Pro: 3 Years Sounder: 3
Position: Midfieler/Defender Role: Right Mid, Center Mid, Right Back
Community Rank: 26

MLS (Playoff) Stats: 1 Sub for 50 Minutes | 0 Goals, 0 Assists (0)
Non-League Stats: 1 Start for 90 Minutes | 0 Goals, 0 Assists
Reserve League Stats: 9 Starts, 1 Sub for 834 Minutes | 1 Goal, 5 Assists for 0.76 PP90

In college Seamon played in every attacking role. For the Sounders he transitioned back and most notably earned play at right back while the Rave Green were down a man. He missed time in 2011 due to injury and in 2012 due to the depth of the squad. His option was declined on December 3rd.

Skills on offense: Good size and speed combo for interior play. Better mid-range passer than short or long, which is rather unique. Decent through balls from the CM slot in Reserve play. Good vision, if a bit conservative. Doesn't have the crossing ability to stick at right back in Seattle's system.

Skills on defense: Strong frame and willing to body up and tackle hard. Tried as a more defensive mid, his on-ball defense wasn't strong enough. Positional awareness is strong. Adds height and speed outside and helps in set-play defense.

Best Case 2013: Should be a regular starter in NASL or fringe regular in MLS. Best suited on the right of a diamond, 4231 or 4312.

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