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Wilmer Crisanto "safe to America," Colon and others on their way?

Victoria President again states that Crisanto is coming to Seattle, but he may not be the only player leaving Victoria for the Sounders.

Francis Bompard

La Tribuna quotes Victoria President Victor Kawas as stating that Wilmer Crisanto will be coming to MLS and the Seattle Sounders. He also indicated that Jose David Velasquez Colon will be with Seattle on trial during preseason. Crisanto and Colon are both previously connected with the Sounders.

At this point Kawas considers the Sounders a strategic partner and his side is looking for other partners to help them deal with their financial issues. Google translate is a bit clunky, but it seems as if a few other players from the Honduran team were at the Sounders' Vegas combine this past weekend.

The Seattle Sounders will be the fate of the right side of the box Ceibeño as Kawas, who announced yesterday that the team finished a sort of preseason in Las Vegas, where they evaluated several players who came to the test and now just waiting for the final answer.

The original Spanish for our bilingual readers.

El Seattle Sounders será el destino del lateral derecho del cuadro ceibeño, según Kawas, quien adelantó que ese equipo terminó ayer una especie de pretemporada en Las Vegas, donde evaluaron a varios jugadores que llegaron a prueba y ahora solo esperan la respuesta final.

Victoria placed second in the Honduras Liga Nacional Final after falling 0-4 in the second leg last Sunday.

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