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Player Profile: Roger Levesque

At number 24 we have, number 24. It wasn't his best year on the field, but he left us with so much joy.


How often does Chelsea agree to come by for your going away party? How often will a man be able to be the hype man against his arch-rival? Roger Levesque's 2012 will not be remembered for his play on the field. Nor for a great goal celebration. Levesque's 2012 will be remembered because it powered our minds and helped remind us that sometimes this sports thing is not just about being good at the sport.

Player Name: Roger Levesque National Affiliation: United States of Cascadia
Age: 31 Years Pro: 10 Years Sounder: 10
Position: ForMidFender Role: All of them
Community Rank: 24 - because of course

MLS (Playoff) Stats: 2 Starts, 2 Subs for 183 Minutes | 0 Goals, 0 Assists (0)
Non-League Stats: 1 Start, 3 Subs for 136 Minutes | 0 Goals, 0 Assists
Reserve League Stats: 3 Starts for 270 Minutes | 0 Goals, 1 Assist , 0.33 PP90

Goodbye ‘Stache, you will be missed. Your season ended early, in order to benefit the club, but you gave this city, organization and its predecessor a fine decade. Thank you for the all six Cups. Thank you for being the best hype man in the history of Seattle soccer. Thank you for becoming a Sounder despite being from the better Portland.

Skills on offense: This was not Roger's best year. It didn't matter. He put forth effort whereever asked. His career ended as it started, with a smile and effort.

Skills on defense: He could play anywhere and did. It was all effort and fitness at this point. It was good enough for what he was asked to do.

Best Case 2013: A Master's from the University of Washington. Millions raised for the charity lucky enough to have him. An honored place in our hearts.

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