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Major Link Soccer: MLS-USL Reserve Deal, USMNT Seattle

Perhaps someday soon, we will see a player come up through a Bellevue-based Sounders USL affiliate, and go on to play for the USMNT at Centurylink.


The most interesting news of the week is what seems to be a development in the MLS-USL deal, which would see the USL become the reserve league. The rumor out of NASN says that each MLS club would have an affiliate in the USL, not unlike minor league baseball, with each MLS team having a nearby USL club, and vice versa. If true, it means the league will need to set up a new club in the Seattle area (as well as near Vancouver and Portland). It would also be a big shift in the way players come up through the ranks in American Soccer.

So, might we see USL Soccer in Bellevue or Kitsap in the future? I'm not the only one speculating.

MLS Rumors may not have a URL these days (used to be one of my most frequented sites) but they're still doing their thing, on Twitter now. A few weeks ago, they uncovered a series of URLs owned by MLS, URLs that correspond to several potential future MLS cities? Be prepared to welcome Mesa, Reno, Albequerque, and Norfolk to the league! Then again, these could potentially have something to do with the USL deal as well. Mercifully absent from the list is Las Vegas.

It has been nearly a decade since the United States Men's National Team visited Seattle by choice, and the recent success of the sport in the city has collected calls for a game at Centurylink Field. Most recently, the Seattle Sounders End of Season poll for season ticket holders asked whether fans would be interested in going to a USMNT game. The topic has seen itself making the rounds.

The Seattle NWSL club finally received a name and crest earlier this week, finally completing the picture for the Women's league team. NWSL's Facebook page has all the teams side by side, and it is clear that the two Northwest clubs have a better thing going than any of those east of the Mississippi River. (You have no idea how long I've been waiting for a chance to type "Mississippi".)

The writers at Big D Soccer have had a busy week. Daniel Hernandez, who retired earlier this offseason to join the coaching staff at FC Dallas, has suddenly left the team three weeks into his stint. Seems the player may feel he have more left in the tank, and doesn't want to spend it in Texas. Then, there's Kevin Hartman. Long one of the most prolific MLS Goalkeepers, the big man is out of contract in Dallas, and rumors have linked him to future MLS side future NASL club New York Cosmos. However, Dallas has seen two years of strong growth at the gate, looking to increase attendance again in 2013 for their best year ever at their Frisco digs.

Speaking of stadia, Black and Red United speculates on what their owners can get for 157 million dollars.

Sebastian Le Toux doesn't have to do much to be awesome, but when he does "do much", it involves singing.

Seattle is mining Honduras for all the talent it can find, but MLS may have another country to look to for players. MLS has raised its profile in Israel, and this article predicts that the states will be the new stomping grounds for many a "Promised Land" player.

Big surprise, the Timbers won the Mobi Fehr lottery.

Finally, whether you know it or not, you are NOT a Chivas USA hater.

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