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Merry Christmas

From those of us here that celebrate this holiday to those of you that also do, Merry Christmas. For everyone else, consider this an open thread. Actually, just consider this an open thread.

Scarf Tree 2012
Scarf Tree 2012

Only eight soccer competitions are taking place today. Of those, only six are among the top flight in their nation. One is a Cup tournament, another is a Turkish lower league. Then there is Nepal. Not so odd is that those other nations are all predominantly Muslim. Nepal isn't but they are playing today. In the only national friendly the UAE beat Yemen two-nil.

What's that have to do with you? Nothing.

Merry Christmas

Consider this an open thread to share you joys, your news, your opinions.

We'll be back with more soccer content tomorrow. We'll have the next player in our 2012 profile/capsules with number 19, a belated holiday addition of Major Link Soccer and some things this week that only make sense in the offseason.

I'll open the discussion by asking this - do you want a 2013 scarf from SaH, or something different? Maybe a hat, or a hoodie, or what?

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