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Eddie Johnson Called Back To National Team (maybe)

Eddie Johnson definitely did not tweet out that he'd been called up again to the national team. He just retweeted someone else who said he had.

Mike Ehrmann

A little late on this thanks to the holidays, but in a move that should really surprise no one after GAM rescued a struggling US against Antigua & Barbuda and then assisted on the game-winning goal against Guatemala to secure advancement to the Hex, Jurgen Klinsmann has apparently called the Sounder back to the team for January camp, at least according to Twitter reports that Johnson was happy to retweet.

You may recall that EJ got in a bit of trouble for prematurely tweeting out his previous call-up, and some in the national media are downright outraged that he's done it again, though I'm not sure where retweeting someone else congratulating you falls on the twitter ethics scale compared with tweeting something yourself. Maybe next time he can post an instagram picture of a tweet of someone congratulating him.

More importantly, his establishment as a US regular would not only help fill a glaring offensive hole on the national team, it'd be a nice little honor for Sounders fans to have one of their own representing the country — something MLS fans outside of Los Angeles rarely get to see.

And maybe even more importantly, it may impact the calculus of whether Seattle gets to host a qualifier. Whatever home field advantage the team would get in CenturyLink — and I think it'd be substantial — it'd be right bonkers if our own player was on the field for the team providing #BoomBoom power for the US.

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