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Thanks GasMan

Earlier this week Seattle found out that long time sports radio host Mike Gastineau would be ending his time at KJR. No future plans were announced.

I'm a fan of sports radio, particularly KJR-AM Seattle. I don't really hide that fact. It is a large foundation of how I blog and why I blog. It sculpted who I am and how I approach sports.

I worked there for a couple years. Mostly with David Locke, but also for John Clayton, Mitch Levy and just about every one else that was on the station from 99-01. I never worked for Mike Gastineau. But we worked together on several projects.

This week, when he announced that he would be leaving SportsRadio KJR Seattle with no future plans it caused a bit of reflection. There was no bigger ally for the soccer community than GasMan. He regularly had Arlo White and Ross Fletcher on the air. Grant Wahl and the players were routine guests. I was a guest of his a few times.

He would reference Sounder at Heart fairly often, particularly on social media. He read the site nearly every day.

Gas wasn't the most critical host in sports radio history, but he was authentic. No position he espoused was put out for ratings. He was what he was.

Was.. that's still hard to think about.

A strong interviewer, a hard worker and one a man who gave back to this adopted home like few do. Gas would participate in charity events that you never heard about, he would also drive the Kares-A-Thon and the previous versions of the same.

That's all stuff that people know.

What people don't know, but should is that Mike Gastineau would meet with a simple Sounders blogger to talk about what he was doing and where he was going. He did that and more.

Gas didn't just do this kind of thing for me. When people reached out he helped. When someone said there were more important things than sports his answer was "Yes, there are and we'll do those too." Maybe not in those words, but in his actions.

There are a lot of eras, cohosts and producers in Gas' past, but tomorrow is, at this time, his last day. From 3 PM to 7 PM the local host that has cared more for soccer, and Sounder at Heart, than any other will have his last show. I'm going to listen. Just as I have every day for the past two years and as often as I could during from 98 to the present.

GasMan was a part of Seattle for 21 years. And that isn't long enough. I can't wait to hear you again.

Thank you for your strong show, for your interviews, for your support of soccer, but most importantly thank you for the influence you had on me and this site.

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