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Major Link Soccer: Klinsmann Not Optimistic About Olympics, Wynalda Continues Speaking His Mind

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Jurgen Klinsmann doesn't like the USA's chances at the Olympics.
Jurgen Klinsmann doesn't like the USA's chances at the Olympics.

Jurgen Klinsmann has been a polarizing figure since being named head coach of the USMNT, for me the jury is still out. Soon the US U23's will begin the qualifying rounds to earn their ticket London and the 2012 summer games. The problem I have at the moment (and this just might be my brain) is that Klinsmann isn't being too positive about the whole thing. Now, let me say I don't expect him to spew rainbows and unicorns - but for some reason this quote bugs me.

"Am I saying I want to see them to bring a medal home?" asked Klinsmann, the senior team coach. "I think that would be asking too much if you look at all the teams."

And while that actually might be true, do you want to go on record saying that - Hey, we really don't have a snowballs chance but we're going to give it out best shot?

Eric Wynalda is in the news again, first it was for his twitter 'scrap' with Portland Timbers owner Merrit Paulson and now he's telling The Sporting News that Major League Soccer is a joke.

His actual words, check it out.

"Our league is a joke," he told Sporting News. "I want soccer to continue to flourish in this country, but there’s a whole other level we’re just excluding ourselves from. We’ve cheated the American public out of a better product."

One wonders if Wynalda ever tapped the ball into the net casually, as he doesn't pull punches when he talks.

The Montreal Impact are still on the hunt for the clubs first Designated Player. It's almost as if they're chasing after some mythical creature. Impact President Joey Saputo is headed across the pond.

"DP or not DP. On my way to Europe to meet with one of our prospects. Need to be patient." He added in French that "we are continuing to work on finding a DP."

Apparently at one time, New England Revolution owner Robert Kraft had the silly notion of purchasing a English Premier League team. It didn't take him long to come to his senses - without a salary cap and an even playing field, it wouldn't be worth his time (like the Revs are?) as he likes the comfort of the MLS....

"If our family is to be part of something, we want to be sure we have a chance to compete year in and year out," Kraft said. "You don't have salary caps and you have certain team owners that can spend year in and year out. I'd rather give the money to charity to be honest."

While he might have a point, maybe he should actually pay attention to the team he has?

Aston Villa have failed in their bid to keep LA Galaxy striker Robbie Keane on loan for an extended stay. His last match with Villa will be on the 25th versus Wigan Athletic.

San Jose Earthquakes goal keeper Jon Busch is not only a 10 year vet of Major League Soccer but now he has his own line of keeper gear. The new line is called "High Performance Goalkeeping." It is out now. They started with gloves that Busch himself debuted during pre-season training in Arizona.

"I'm excited about it because I'm all about goalkeeping - whether its training, playing or what we like to wear," said Busch, who was named the 2008 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year. "Everything I make has a specific reason why I made it and how I made it. It's not just a mass production. Everything is very specific in the line."

In 2005 Alex Smith signed with FC Dallas and then promptly gave up football. Flash forward to 2012 and Smith is enjoying playing for Wellington Phoenix (currently 7 points out of first, held by Central Coast Mariners) of the Australian A-League. Though life hasn't always been rosy down under, Smith seems to have found his groove with the A-League's only team outside Australia (their home is in New Zealand).

"As a footballer you have to take it as it comes," Smith said. "The A-League is a great league. It’s a great place to live in this part of the world. If I spent the rest of my career here, I’d be a very happy man. Having said that you like to challenge yourself and you never know what is going to come. Obviously I’d love to play in Europe and the Asian market over here is just getting massive. That’s always another options. But coming back to the States to get a second chance in M.L.S. is something that could be interesting. You have to keep your options open, but I’m very happy here."

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