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Church of Fucito Closes?

Mike Fucito's Church Will Look In New Directions
Mike Fucito's Church Will Look In New Directions

Every faith, cult, fan obsession or what not comes to an end. The Kid left me for Cincinnati. The Glove donned several other jerseys. Matt Hasselbeck is now a Titan. Players in this crazy sports business move on all the time. That doesn't mean that I have to like it. It doesn't mean that I'm not tearing up at the thought of Mike Fucito shedding his blood for the Montreal Impact in their boring blues.

It's probably appropriate that this happened on a rain-soaked Friday, because the dark clouds offer a sort of Seattle comfort for me. There won't be "Church is in session" comments, fist pumps after scoring in Mexico. No longer will there need to be prayer cards made for 2012. The jello knee of 2010 and the bloodied face of 2011 are only memories, no longer symbols of what a player can give to help his team win.

As I sip on the last of #2, an American interpretation of English Strong Ale, I think to myself about how I never got to see the game winner against Kansas City live because it was my day with ECS. Instead, that moment is burned into my head as a memory of a story and not reality.

I also think back to my second ever player interview with Mike after he got drafted. Or the practice where when I requested permission to talk to him, was asked the subject and responded simply "I'm going to ask him about the Church of Fucito." Or the origins of that phrase, as Fake Sigi made fun of our passion for Fucito's success in reserves, practices and scrimmages and the clamor for more playing time. Eventually Fucito would go on to score 10 goals in all competitions.

Sports kind of suck sometimes. Not always because of the loss column, but of the losses of players to injury, retirement and, of course, trade. Today, the Church of Fucito is no longer a Sounder at Heart phenomenon. It personally will not close, but the attention devoted to it will shift. I will still find glory in Fucito's successes in MLS and I now look forward to him winning the Voyageurs Cup in 2012 by crushing Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

So no. The Church isn't shutting its doors. It's just changing what it is - and maybe learning a little French.

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