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A Quick Analysis of Forward Salaries & Production from 2011

The recent trade for Eddie Johnson had me thinking about what kind of production we should be expecting from him this season. One way to look at that is to compare the production of forwards in MLS making a similar amount. I started with forwards making between $90,000 - $110,000 and their production from last year. However, that was a pretty small and uninspiring group. So, I expanded the list to include all forwards making between $75,000-$125,000 and who played at least 500 minutes in league competition.

There were a lot of players cut out due to lack of playing time (and a couple who didn't have stats on the MLS website). Many of these players were younger generation Adidas players and/or journeyman on the roster for injury protection. As you can see from the table below there are very few impact players making below $125,000. The Sounders pick up of Eddie Johnson is looking much better in the light of other options at his price point (assuming that Eddie Johnson is able to return to near his previous form).

So, how many goals and assists should we expect from a forward making around $100,000.00? I think a reasonable expectation is around six goals and two assists in league play from our new forward based on the averages in the table below. However, based on previous experience, I think we could have had the same production from Mike Fucito at an even lower hit to the salary cap. Mike Fucito made the league minimum $42,000 last year.

Also, that doesn't account for the additional depth in the midfield provided by Lamar Neagle at an equally appealing contract. Neagle was on developmental contract of $32,604.00. So, I'll be looking for EJ to have much more of an impact on the field that the league average would suggest.

Player Salary (Guaranteed)
Goals Assists Minutes PP90
Dominic Oduro (CHI) $97,000.00 12 2 2604 .90
Justin Braun (CHV) $87,500.00 8 5 2055 .92
Emilio Renteria (CLB) $121,875.00 8 2 1159 1.40
Omar Cummings (COL) $89,188.00 3 6 1686 .64
Will Bruin (HOU) $125,000.00 5 1 1693 .58
Cam Weaver (HOU) $97,500.00 4 1 1611 .50
Mike Magee (LAG) $105,350.00 5 0 1772 .50
Juan Agudelo (NY) $85,000.00 6 2 1364 .92
Fabian Espindola (RSL) $75,000.00 10 3 2096 .99
Alan Gordan (TOR/SJ) $96,500.00 5 1 739 1.34

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