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Super Bowl Gives Soccer Fans Opportunity To Rise Up

On Super Bowl Sunday Fox did soccer fans the generous courtesy of airing the Chelsea v Manchester United game live on broadcast television. The game certainly had highlights worthy of a general sports fan's attention and it was shown in basically twice as many nations as the Super Bowl will be this afternoon.

Unfortunately many die-hard soccer fans chose today as a time to show petty small-man feelings and litter social networks with how their sport is better, more exciting, etc. The bold statements about popularity in regards to soccer usually tend to ignore that the NFL is not just an Amero-centric sport, but league that is fiscally sound and makes billions in profits every single year. It grows in popularity outside of the USA every year, and there is an increasing likelihood that there will be a team in London within your lifetime.

Instead the reflexive reaction of soccer fans (in general) was to look down on other sports, to assault the non-soccer as if it is a zero sum game. It is not. This is a weakness in a psyche of the American soccer fan that needs to end. To quote Adrian Hanauer at Date with Sounder at Heart;

In fairness to us the game has been swept under the carpet for so many years, it's a niche sport and we've come out of the basement and I understand it, but that's sort of the next step - where we're not defensive anymore about the game.

Today's Super Bowl is a celebration of the most popular sport in America. Taking the piss out of it does not help soccer grow. It continues that locked in the basement attitude. Get beyond that.

Hanauer mentioned at that same event a type of behavior he hopes to see grow. It is something that we here call soccer evangelism.

I think that because soccer has made it in this city (again I don't want to come off the wrong way) we in the soccer world have the ability to be a little exclusionary and self-righteousness and preachy, to say "if you don't like it you're stupid."

We aren't better. We have different interests and we need to find ways to share those interests in order to increase interest in the sport and league we love. If MLS Cup had even 5% of the interest of the Super Bowl that would be good for the sport. Telling the hundred million plus of your neighbors how stupid their interests are isn't going to help.

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