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Sounder At Heart Fantasy MLS

Like last year, we'll be using ESPN's FC Manager game. Yes, the game has flaws - all fantasy sports do. But, it's what was used last year and so we stick with bad ideas because we hate change [/tongueincheek]. There are only two segments this year, which is an improvement. It's basically pre-summer window and post. Once the season starts you are allowed basically two transfers a week so it does matter a bit who you get from the start. This is also a great time to pick up undervalued players in the salary cap style league.

Currently they are missing many of the players added this offseason and they are struggling to keep up with all the within league trades and transfers. With teams now roster compliant, but still allowed to add (from foreign leagues until April 15) or cut players (until playoff roster lock date in September), ESPN should catch up soon.

This year we went with a public league so it should be easier to tell your non-SaH friends how to join. It's simple, the group's name is Sounder at Heart. No password is needed. Test yourself against your real world and online communities. Last season the SaH group was one of the strongest on average and had several people pop into the top 10 at various points of the year.

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