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Nos Audietis, Episode 45: Ross Fletcher Joins The Fun

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Let it be known that Ross Fletcher can roll with the punches as good as anyone. The new Seattle Sounders announcer joined us on the show this week and stuck around for all three segments. It's a little part getting-to-know-Ross and a much bigger part of just having him join in on the fun.

In addition to learning some basic biographical information about Ross (yeah, we're totally on a first-name basis with him now), we get to know how he likes working with Kasey Keller and we help goad him toward a wrestling match with his predecessor Arlo White. He, Aaron and myself also give our analysis of the Sounders' win over the Houston Dynamo, David Estrada's continued excellence and the play of Patrick Ianni.

As always, we close the show by taking your questions, including one in which Ross breaks down the proper attire for a yachting party.

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