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Ticket Giveaway Contest: You Market CONCACAF Champions League

Many have complained about the low sales numbers for Wednesday night's match between Seattle Sounders FC and Santos Laguna. The first leg match in the knockout stages is already above 16,000 sold (a great number for most MLS sides), but most Sounders fans want to see more people. Here at Sounder at Heart we want to help that number grow as well.

First step. We've got four pairs of tickets that we'll give away through the site and its related Twitter and Facebook pages. Nos Audietis listeners will also have an opportunity to win a pair. So that will be 10 more people at the game, yeah! The tickets are courtesy of Seattle Sounders FC, and are still available for purchase.

Second step, is that the winners will be getting those tickets for what the SaH staff judge to be the best fan-based marketing for the match or competition as a whole. Recs of comments, RT and facebook likes will help these get noticed, but the winners will be by internal judgement of staff. Participating in the contest does mean that we have the right to email you to get your real name in order to leave the tickets for you at Will Call. The winner will be decided by 10 p.m. on Monday evening and winners will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Some examples of team or broadcaster marketing follow:

According to the team news feed this is the "Biggest [Game] in Club History." They've also used "Seattle Takes On The World" and "There's A Time For Friendlies. This Is Not One Of Them."

Adrian Hanauer at practice Friday described exactly how important this appearance in the knockout stages can be.

One of the goals we've set out early in the club's existence was to play, compete, succeed internationally and this is our one chance in true competition. The way we see it we're six games away from playing in the World club championships. We certainly have three very, very difficult opponents in front of that, but this is our chance for our club, and for Major League Soccer in general, to get an opportunity to show well against Mexican and our regional competition and then someone from our region gets to try and show well for our region at the global level.

FoxSoccer has attached the 2nd leg of the CCL to the UEFA Champions League matches, including the MLS sides and Santos right alongside the greatest names in world's game. Scrolling from a Chelsea v Napoli graphic they then show Sounders v Santos Laguna.

Again, entries via Twitter (use hashtag #BeatSantos or mention @SounderAtHeart to ensure we see it), Facebook (use our page ) and in comments here will be accepted. It can be as little as a slogan to graphics to a full marketing plan. If you don't need the tickets, share this with friends who do. Or share the entries to tell them why they should be there.

Good luck and #BeatSantos

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