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Inside The Footballer's Studio: Brad Evans Twitterviews Roger Levesque

One of Seattle Sounders fans' favorite features is back as Brad Evans once again took to Twitter to interview teammate Roger Levesque. This interview was a little harder to follow than his previous, but my impressive Storify skills were able to round up a pretty solid "best of." While apparently waiting for some kind of photo shoot, Evans asked the Twitterverse what they wanted to know about Levesque while the two were drinking coffee at a Starbucks.

Among the highlights, we learn that Roger Levesque is considering a goal celebration he calls "Parachute man," that Levesque is a fan of Pike Brewery's Kilt Lifter (there was lots of kilt-themed answers), that if he was a Muppet Baby he'd be Beaker and that his favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was actually not a turtle at all.

It's a fun one.

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