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Seattle Sounders v Colorado Rapids | Gamethread

There will be many steps along the way for Seattle Sounders fans to follow in Steve Zakuani's steps and move on from last year's brutal incident and today is a major one of those. But overly focusing on Brian Mullan will ignore that getting three points against a conference opponent is more important with the new MLS Cup Playoff format. As Brad Evans said on Thursday at practice;

When we can pick up points against Western Conference opponents it's a six point swing. For us these points are going to be vital. When we can get the ball rolling, I feel like we're such a streaky team and when we can get wins going we can pile on. If we can get one victory here we get a week off, we carry on and get the ball rolling and start finishing our chances we'll be fine.

Against the Colorado Rapids that will mean breaking through their version of the 4-3-3. They are also a team that is statistically structured like the Sounders. They win more duels than they lose. They are better passers than their opponents. They are now a possession team. What they don't do is lead in shot advantage, forcing those slightly fewer shots to be less effective can go a long way. On Around the League Dave predicted a 3-1 Seattle win. The numbers look to only favor Seattle by a goal.

It is also a chance for Sounders fans to see their team in the warm sun for the first time this year. In fact, SoDo will host about 75,000 sports fans cheering on their baseball and soccer teams on the same day. You will rue the day you have to deal with such immense traffic issues. That or you'll find other routes, enjoy different pubs and still celebrate the fact that we are a world class city.

The game is on KONG 6/16 & KIRO 97.3 FM (also KOMO2 & 99.3 for Spanish) at 1:00 PM Pacific.

Pre Match Build-up: Three Questions | Scouting Report | Projected Lineup

Team Statistics Matchups




Pass Completion Advantage

Shots +/-

Run of Play

Dead Ball















Compiled from Opta data for all available matches - Duels and possession are typical. Passing advantage is a plus/minus figure comparing the team's pass completion rate to the team it opposes. A 10 for Seattle would mean that it averages a 10 point advantage in passing over the opponent. Shot +/- is the team stat.

Tactical Keys

  • No Retribution
  • Use Speed To Create Space For Montero
  • On Frame Shooting
  • Stick To Cummings

Player Matchups

  • Alvaro Fernandez v Kosuke Kimura
  • Patrick Ianni v Omar Cummings
  • Fredy Montero v Drew Moor

How We're Watching
: Water
Scarf: None
Kit: None
Where I'm Watching: Press Box

Nos Audietis In Somniis | Nos Audietis In Altum

Post match Dave will be at Temple if you still need a scarf.

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