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Sounders Centric Power Rankings: Comparing Diverse Opinions

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Sounders Centric Power Rankings Week 11 - as always click to see the full image.
Sounders Centric Power Rankings Week 11 - as always click to see the full image.

Oftentimes there comes a group think in various power rankings. In the SB Nation MLS Power Rankings we try to combat this by having a diverse group vote and on balance the rankings are what you'd think they should be. But if you look around MLS at power rankings a bunch, you'll find diverse opinions about some teams, mostly about Seattle. Take's power rankings that have Seattle drawing on the road to a Vancouver Whitecaps team that their editors think is good. In their rankings that's a negative. They notice a trend and include the loss to Real Salt Lake as part of it. Oddly, for it is worse to lose to a good team than to a bad one as RSL has done this year.

Before we get too offended by let's note something they have right. Seattle hasn't done well against top teams. By Sagarin they are 5th by PPM against top 10 teams and have the easiest schedule in MLS so far. Also by Sagarin? The Sounders are #1 overall. At this point does it matter if Seattle is "rated" 5th, 2nd, 1st? No. Total points earned and trophies won in a season are the measuring stick here.

Within the voting by SBN writers Seattle gets first place votes and as far done as fifth. This is the same spread of votes that RSL and the San Jose Earthquakes get, though Salt Lake gets many more votes for first. There are actually only three teams that have no votes outside of the top 10 within the MLS rankings - New York Red Bulls (they appear as high as second), Sporting Kansas City (as high as third) and D.C. United (up to fourth). Outside of that our voters diverge quite a bit. A total of 15 teams appear in at least one voters' top 10. The four that don't are the four other MLS 3.0 teams of Toronto, Philly, Montreal and the Portland Timbers.

Playoffs by SBN Power Rankings - all are in top 10 on average for first time.




Red Bull









I did not vote in this week's rankings. The only soccer I watched was the first half of Chelsea v Bayern, so it would be wrong to participate. There was no post last week, but the graph includes those averages. Seattle, Salt Lake and Vancouver are stable. So is Portland, but in the wrong way. The LA Galaxy continue to fall.

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