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Seattle Sounders v Columbus Crew - Some Pregame Stuffs

A couple weeks ago we started dropping in some of the gamethread tidbits that you miss on home games because you are in the stadium. This is all the below the fold stuff, with some useful links (although less this week, as I failed to get three questions out in a timely fashion). It includes the matchups, statistics and tactics that are likely to influence who wins or loses the match. It also let's you know where I'll be pregame if you want to buy a scarf.

For the matchups this week it's a bit more of a guess than usual. Both teams have injury and fitness concerns and so these are my best guesses. They are a bit different than sidereal's in his scouting report. It is also purely focused on offensive players. The Columbus Crew don't have a singular threat to defend against. This means that if Seattle places enough pressure towards the attacking end that should create a kind of defense.

The game is on KONG 6/16 and 97.3 FM (KOMO2 & 99.3 in Spanish) at 7 PM Pacific.

Pre Match Build-up: Scouting Report | Team Notes (pdf) | Tickets

Team Statistics Matchups

Team Duels Possession Pass Completion Advantage Shots +/- Run of Play Dead Ball Strike Rate Strike Rate Against OnFrame % OnFrame Against
Seattle 52.3% 49.9% -0.7 2.1 6 1 10.6% 5.4% 30.3% 28.6%
Crew 49.1% 51.3% 1.7 -1.1 -2 -1 7.0% 8.6% 32.8% 36.7%

Tactical Keys

· Push The Tempo

· Enemy’s Gate Is Down

· Communicate Counter Defense

· Adjust At Halftime

Player Matchups

· Alvaro Fernandez v Eddie Gaven

· Fredy Montero v Danny O’Rourke

· Eddie Johnson v Josh Williams

How We’re Watching
: No Equal Amber Lager
Scarf: 2012 Nos Audietis/Sounder at Heart
Kit: Established 2007 T
Where I'm Watching: 214 (pregame at Temple)

Nos Audietis In Somniis | Nos Audietis In Altum

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