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Seattle Sounders at Chivas USA - Gamethread

May's packed schedule is nearly up for the Seattle Sounders with their last MLS match of the crowded schedule. For some players this will mean a rest. For others, due to injuries, they will be pressed into more duty than one could expect. On top of a likely start at CDM for either Andy Rose or Servando Carrasco there could also be a change in the backline. Sigi Schmid will need to decide of a four of Burch/Hurtado/Parke/Scott can all go on short rest or will someone sit. The attacking five should all be able to start. There is no need to "save" one for an Open Cup game against Atlanta.

Still, the defense has made small errors. At the same time Chivas USA made scouting difficult by adding two new starters and regularly shifting their front six. It's a match where the first 15 could be a feeling out period with lots of ugly play in the center of the pitch.

Seattle can avoid that by pressing early. The Goats aren't a strong team defending passes nor preventing shots, so the Sounders can and should press the ball forward quickly and often. This would force Dan Kennedy to be great. He can be, so it isn't a pure path to victory, but it's a shot. Inside 25 yards quite popping the ball up to heads, but still use the air to pass. Little sombrero moves and curling balls in tight spaces are a specialty of Fernandez and Montero. Against a backline still getting familiar these should help open new space where magic can happen.

With Juan Pablo Angel, Juan Agudelo, Jose Correa and Alejandro Moreno (only two should start) Chivas has a strong forward core. The first two played together in New York. Don't assume they can't work together, instead prevent service into them. If they try to crowd the center of the pitch, let them have it. While LaBrocca is good, getting a Sounder out of position to cover him and empty of the even better attackers will be a mistake. Maybe have Evans or Montero drop back to a pick a pocket if Chivas gets too casual with the space. All the statistics and matchups are in Seattle's favor, but that hasn't meant much lately.

The broadcast is on KING 5 and 97.3 FM (KOMO2 & 99.3 in Spanish) at 7:30 PM Pacific.

Pre Match Build-up: Three Questions | Scouting Report | Bedir Offense Than You Think | Team Notes (pdf) | Tickets for Home Games

Team Statistics Matchups




Pass Completion Advantage

Shots +/-

Run of Play

Dead Ball

Net Strike Rate

Net On Frame



















Tactical Keys

  • Run and Shoot
  • Multi-Dimensional Passing
  • Defend the Bulls
  • Cede the Middle

Player Matchups

  • Alvaro Fernandez v James Riley
  • Fredy Montero v Dan Kennedy
  • Jeff Parke v Juan Pablo Angel

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