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My Favorite Fredy Montero Goals

Fredy Montero has scored a lot of goals for the Seattle Sounders. According to his Wikipedia page 44 in his just over 3 seasons in Seattle, and that sounds about right. But for me last night's 35 yard bomb into Bill Gaudette's top right corner stands above them all. Not only was the shot by itself stunning for its power, distance, and accuracy, but taken in context it meant a lot more. In the game context, it greatly increased our chances of beating the LA Galaxy, who've stymied us at home for years. And in a season context it finally broke the seal for Fredy, who has tried an array of shots so far — long and short, speculative and routine. But despite the fact that he began the 2012 campaign with a memorable chipped goal against Jaguares, he hadn't been able to find the net in MLS play — a fact that was clearly beginning to wear on him. Never mind all that. Now we can hope to see a free flow of goals, some of which might add to this list.

1. 5/3/12 vs LA Galaxy

Sure, you've watched it 50 times since yesterday, but the 51st viewing is the charm.

2. 6/20/09 vs New York Red Bulls

You'll probably find my #2 a little obscure. But I love this goal (at 2m15s in the clip). It demonstrated how much higher the level of his game over typical MLS players that he could just close down a defender, steal the ball at will, dribble into the box, and scorch one over the keeper all by himself. Next time your neighbor calls Fredy lazy, replay this one for them.

3. 4/22/10 vs FC Dallas

I joke that Fredy Montero ended Dario Sala's career with this 40+ yard free kick, but I shouldn't be hard on Dario, since as an agent he brought us Mauro Rosales. This goal would have won the game but for Jeff Cunningham falling over himself in the box in stoppage time and Terry Vaughn deciding that was enough to earn a penalty. The highlight also has an audio bonus of John Harkes trying to explain how Fredy and Steve Zakuani scored despite him slagging both players all match.

4. 8/30/11 vs FC Dallas

A cutback behind his left at the top of the box into a left footed shot into the top left corner. Am I talking about his goal of the year candidate in Vancouver? No, gentle reader. He did it a month earlier for the game winning goal in the US Open Cup semifinal at Starfire.

5. 6/18/11 vs Toronto FC

Another free kick goal. This one isn't just a beautiful goal. It's a game winner when the team were down a man in the final minutes of the match. And it started a run of 5 wins in 6 games.

So how about you? I'm sure I missed 30 or so great ones.

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