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Golazo HQ Forced To Cancel Plans To Show USMNT Game

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UPDATE 2: The Pay Per View folks put the kibosh on Golazo's plans, so it will no longer be showing the match.

UPDATE: We have confirmed that Doyle's Public House in Tacoma, Buffalo Wild Wings in Lynnwood and Tacoma will be showing the game, as well as Field of Champions in Issaquah.

Thanks to the absurd quirks of international TV rights for FIFA matches, tonight's USMNT match in Guatemala will only be available on Pay Per View. Read this FAQ from US Soccer if you want the gory details. If you don't want to shell out $30, you'll have to go out to a bar or some other venue. As of this morning it was thought that the only places in Seattle to watch the match would be Fado or George & the Dragon. However, it turns out that G&D won't have the match (at time of writing).

Fortunately, Golazo noticed the shortage of venues and very quickly made themselves available as a family friendly site to watch the match. If you haven't been to Golazo HQ, it's a soccer-focused open industrial building (I think it used to be a dealership) on Capitol Hill.