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Samsung Favorite Sports Highlights - Fucito Stoppage Time Winner

When approached to do our first ever sponsored post at Sounder at Heart, the decision was easy. Samsung and SB Nation wanted us to present and chat about our favorite sports highlight. This is easy. Part of it is because I never saw the home game goal (Zach Scott's goal is the only other CenturyLink MLS goal I did not see live). Though I founded the Church of Fucito, his goal only exists on television and the internet for me.

Previously I had arranged to do a "Day with ECS" for that match. I was not in the 214, instead I was in the dead center of the GA next to my favorite upper capo, Timm. I was bouncing and singing the whole game. I took video of Timm leading a chant, but it's upside down, so no one has ever seen it. And, late in the game on that dangerous corner the flags went up in support of the team.

I didn't care.

I found out that Mike Fucito had scored that game winner against this week's opponent in their previous brand when I was tackled and the words "That's your boy! That's they guy you've been talking about for a year!" I didn't it live. And I still don't care.

In the video you can see the swelling in his knee had already started. Fucito wouldn't return to the pitch for months. But that day he glowed in joy. When I went to the tunnel to congratulate him he was swarmed with fans wanting an autograph, one of only four I've ever gotten in sports and purely accidental. Still, there was euphoria. It was a goal and a win that exorcised a loss.

It is a highlight I only saw on tiny monitors. Yet, when I close my eyes I can drift anywhere in the stadium and see it in three dimensions. My Samsung Favorite Sports Highlight is an obvious choice, particularly in the week facing Sporting Kansas City.

What's your favorite Sounders highlight and why?

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