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Cascadia Cup Rd 3 Sounders at Timbers - Gamethread

It is a rivalry in that top tier of American sports. Even the non-soccer fans know of it. While the history is only a mere 37 years old with a few pauses scattered in there, today's Cascadia Cup match between the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders on ESPN at 2 PM will be a resumption of a contest that goes beyond just soccer. Or at least according to the narrative it is. In fact Portland and Seattle are very similar to the outsider, but whatever. Today we hate!

For Sigi Schmid's side this match will be about picking up road points in the Western Conference. A win would push the mood around the SounderSphere back into the positive, but would also push the Sounders back towards that top of the West where most pundits feel they belong. Seattle is a strong road team, with only one loss. Even with the Timbers being at home, the Oregon side has a mere .07 PPM advantage for home minus away.

John Spencer has bigger problems. His team is downright bad this year. And while the surging LA Galaxy are showing that any team can go on a hot run, the Timbers don't look ready for that. There is even speculation that a loss, particularly a blow-out loss, would mean Spencer loses his job.

The Timbers get weaker as the game goes on. In the first half the team holds a neutral goal differential. The first 15 after half they go to +1 and the next 15 the Timbers are +3. It may seem like his half time adjustments are great. Then in the time where fitness, fortitude and substitutions take effect, the Portland side falls apart with a -7 goal differential and zero goals scored. Seattle's second half is +1, +4 and -2 while their first is +1. More so than most soccer matches this is one where the ending should be spectacular.

Sounders FC holds the statistical advantage, even adjusted for home/away, expect a tight match. A draw would stun no one.

The broadcast is on ESPN and 97.3 FM (KOMO2 & 99.3 in Spanish) at 2:00 PM Pacific.

Pre Match Build-up: Three Questions | Scouting Report | Team Notes (pdf) | Tickets for Home Games

Team Statistics Matchups

Team Shots +/- Run of Play Dead Ball Net Strike Rate Net On Frame
Seattle 3.7 0 3 -0.6% -0.4%
Timbers 0.1 -4 1 -2.6% -4.8%

Tactical Keys

  • Use the Spine
  • Right Flank Attacks
  • Push For Late Goals
  • Dead Ball Threats

Player Matchups

  • Eddie Johnson v Horst/Danso
  • Osvaldo Alonso v Darlington Nagbe
  • Fredy Montero v Troy Perkins



Fucito Boyd
Songo'o Alhassan
Smith Chara Jewsbury
Horst Danso
Bench: Bendik, Chabala, Zizzo, Mwanga, Alexander, Purdy, Palmger


Caskey Rosales
Burch Alonso Scott
Hurtado Parke
Bench: Meredith, Ianni, Gonzalez, Cato, Levesque, Rose, Ochoa

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