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Sounders Centric Power Rankings - Dude Abides

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Sounders Centric Power Rankings Week 14
Sounders Centric Power Rankings Week 14

Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. This is also true for teams in MLS. Of the teams in the graph (Cascadia plus preseason favorites for West title), as well as the San Jose Earthquake all have multi-game winless streaks. Seattle's isn't even the worst. Currently charging LA Galaxy holds that title with only 2 points in 7 played. It isn't just a West Coast thing. Sporting Kansas City earned 2 points in 4 matches at one point. This is a reality in MLS. It is a parity structured league and even Supporters' Shield winners go through long stretches of suck.

When the SB Nation MLS Power Rankings roll out later today Seattle is going to be dinged for their recent form, deservedly so. The Sounders are down to a 6.07 average ranking and have been passed by the Vancouver Whitecaps at 6.00. Those Galaxy, with their early season suck, just won 3 games in a row and are now at 8.71 average and the 5th Playoff team by SBN Ranking. Real Salt Lake dropped after their loss to the Earthquakes (all but two votes for #1) and average 2.29. The two other teams receiving first place votes were Sporting and New York Red Bulls.

Playoffs by Power Ranking




Red Bulls









Those aren't too different than the Sagarin rankings, except for LA. Sagarin is very reluctant to shoot a team up quickly, because any team can go on a hot streak, or cold streak. Which streaks should be valued more than overall season performance? The Timbers and Crew are also in a positive streak no one thinks they are great teams.

Dave's Rankings

  1. Red Bull
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Sporks
  4. RSL
  5. United
  6. Whitecaps
  7. Sounders
  8. Dynamo
  9. Rapids
  10. Galaxy
  11. Crew
  12. Revolution
  13. Fire
  14. Impact
  15. Timbers
  16. Goats
  17. Toros
  18. Union
  19. Reds

Sounders vote ranges from as high as third to as low as 9th. Seattle based voters, only three as one is on vacation, rank their own side six, seven and my own seven.

And so while there is panic in the SounderSphere the Dude Abides.

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