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Sounders at Earthquakes US Open Cup - Gamethread

Open Cups are funny little things. Even when it is two MLS sides facing each other, the MLS stats just don't matter. While the San Jose Earthquakes are the class of the league right now and the Seattle Sounders are in a slide, the pace of matches, lineup changes and quirky stadium mean that the bearing of league results to the knockout is unknowable. Some of that is the power of the Cup. People who adore this style of competition love its unpredictable nature.

Seattle may need this Open Cup run to reawaken itself. They may also need a bit of good form from players who aren't normally starters in 2012. Cordell Cato, Sammy Ochoa and Roger Levesque are rested and should have an opportunity to shine just outside of Skywalker Ranch at Kezar Stadium. Levesque has even played there before. If you want to see guts and attitude and all that mentality stuff tonight is the time. The Sounders will be tired, some may even be carrying minor injuries. Only their will can carry them this evening.

#SE4TTLE is the goal. Standing in the way is just one of the toughest matches in Sounders FC's Open Cup history.

San Jose will be video streaming (also below the jump it will be embedded), while the Sounders will have Ross Fletcher on radio/audio web. The game starts at 7:30 PM Pacific.

Pre Match Build-up: Three Questions | Team Notes (pdf) | Tickets for Home Games

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Feel free to discuss the other Open Cup matches on the evening in the buildup to tonight's game.

Live stream videos at Ustream

Your starting lineup

Ochoa Levesque
Fernandez Cato
Gonzalez Carrasco Evans
Ianni Scott

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