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Seattle Sounders Win Open Cup Quarterfinal Over San Jose Earthquakes

Official Reports From US Open Cup Conflict Lacking
Official Reports From US Open Cup Conflict Lacking

Reports of a match held at Kezar Stadium between the Seattle Sounders and San Jose Earthquakes are coming in through most mediums. Some witnesses are claiming over social media site Twitter that the Sounders won 1-nil off of a Cordell Cato first half goal.

Officials and partisans affiliated with San Jose used social media site Facebook to claim that fracas in stoppage time should result in a sending off and extended minutes. This is generating a likes, comments and shares battle between the opposing fanbases.

A finely tuned FM radio did manage to provide some coverage of the game, though said coverage was from men affiliated with the Sounders. Also fueling the Seattle perspective was an intrepid man with an iPhone and battery life. One sonarriley provided additional accounts, though lacking professional training.

The Earthquakes attempted to counter the one-sided access by providing video streaming over UStream. Their coverage was intermittent at best. Text message accounts from the facility indicate that it is possible there was an issue with jamming, though no formal group is claiming the action.

With the array of partial and partisan reports it is difficult to rebuild what happened in the contest. Even the box score at this time is unofficial, though it does indicate a Sounders victory from the Cato goal. Several cards were issued for violent conduct.

It is expected that wire service reports will be available shortly, but until then the conflict will be fought through social media and citizen journalists.


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