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Did Eddie Johnson Punch A Dude? Video Hardly Incriminating

UPDATE: We've also attached a GIF of the alleged incident.

As you may have heard, the Seattle Sounders' 1-0 win over the San Jose Earthquakes was marred by a post-game incident. What happened? Well, the Earthquakes announcer certainly seemed to think Eddie Johnson punched Earthquakes reserve Jed Zayner, and that was the story being spun by the local media.

There's actually film of the incident, though, and it's anything but definitive. From the look of it, Johnson is near the Earthquakes bench celebrating. Maybe he's taunting them. Maybe he's not. But someone definitely approaches him and clearly gives Johnson a shove, while almost simultaneously falling down as if he's been shot. That person, we later learn, is Zayner, who stays down on the ground, writhing in apparent agony while the "melee" filters down the field.

The video is after the jump and is really only worth watching from about 54:00 on, unless you're actually interested in the game (!!!!). I suspect we'll eventually get the Sounders side of it, and maybe someone from U.S. Soccer will weigh in. For now, at least, it appears much work up over very little.



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