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Tell Me Who To Root For In Euro 2012

I really have no particular affinity for or hangups with any of the European Championship teams. This is a little odd for me because in club soccer I'm known to arbitrarily pick a side and then live or die with them as if I was born on their home stadium's hallowed grass. But international? I'm a USMNT fan, of course. I like the Asian countries to do well, for various random reasons. But Europe's all a big grey blur. I kind of liked the Dutch for a while, then they started breaking American ankles. Now I got nothing.

And I can't go into such an important competition as a true neutral. I don't like neutrals. I don't even know what makes a man turn neutral. Lust for gold? Power? Or are they just born with a heart full of neutrality?

So I'm leaving it up to the Sounder at Heart readers. I'll put up a poll for each group and whichever team wins will be and has always been the greatest and most deserving footballing nation (from among that group). Every call against that team will a total travesty that will make me throw my dog's squeezy toys (or if a call's really bad, my dog) at my laptop. Every goal will be a distillation of the very essence of pure footballing skill and inescapable proof that that nation is the apex of the sport.

Starting with Group A...

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