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Combining Forces For Blogging Greatness

You may have noticed a couple new authors lately. If you paid a lot of attention to blogging minutia you would know them as Eric and Jason from Seattle.TheOffside. If you pay even closer attention you know that SB Nation bought TheOffside several months ago. Here at Sounder at Heart our goal is to a create a great community centered around Sounders fans covering as much Sounders news as a we can. We have access (Jeremiah is regularly at practices, I go when I can fit it in) and we have some maths (sidereal) and some metaphor/analogy (agtk, Abbott) and some tactics (malcontent, everyone) and some podcast (DaNo, Aaron, Jeremiah) and Sounders Women (soundersmom, sidereal) and some Academy (sidereal, me, CoulterChris). We kind of do a lot.

We recently brought back Major Link Soccer and our new additions will be doing those primarily, while they will also help us with some of the breaking news that none of the rest of us are able to get. Unlike most of the authors that were added over the years these guys didn't start with FanPosts, but are coming from their own blog. The fancy tech team here at SB Nation is actually working to port their old work over to our archives here.

On the backside the staff here is working to make certain we don't overwhelm you with stuff, but at the same point we don't want to miss stories that are important to you. Hopefully this helps.

Welcome the new guys to the team.

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