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Nos Audietis, Episode 61: We're Going To Kansas City


Sorry for this coming out a little later than we would have liked, but, let's be honest, there wasn't anything really pressing this week. The Seattle Sounders qualified for another U.S. Open Cup final and continued their non-suckiness in league play. While not quite perfect, the sense of panic has subsided.

The Sounders are actually playing pretty good soccer these days, even if that 1-0-3 unbeaten streak hasn't exactly yielded as many points as we'd probably like. The quick passing that we grew accustomed to last year seems to have returned, the defense is not quite as scary as it was starting to look and the key players are mostly returning to health.

The most pleasing part, at least to Aaron and myself, has been the play of Fredy-and-Eddie. In the two games this week, the pair looked perfectly capable of co-existing. They may never form a bosom-buddies partnership, but they showed this week that their skills can be complimentary.

As there is a friendly this week, we did talk to Graham MacAree (@Macree) of We Ain't Got No History to get the lowdown on Chelsea. We also finished by taking your questions, which you can submit via Twitter (@NosAudietis), email (nosaudietis_at_gmail_dot_com) or voicemail (206-395-8478).

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Intro Music: "We're going to Kansas City" as performed by Wilbert Harrison
Outro: "I can't get no satisfaction" - The Rolling Stones

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